Digital Smile Design

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Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a digital tool used by a dentist to study patient teeth, gums & lips to plan their treatment accordingly. This is the best way to know the result of treatment, even before starting it. It will reassure you for a smile makeover. In this procedure, the dentist will take your digital photograph and will study & plan for virtual treatment & finally gives the patient a perfect smile.

Advantages of Digital Smile Design

Perfect Diagnosis:
Easy communication:
Easy Treatment:

A digital photograph and tools helps to analyze the patient treatment with deep study of face & smile. It also lets the doctor noticed that if there are any complications which can not be diagnosed clinically.

These tools include the complete study of the face including horizontal & vertical face design, shape, color & the arrangement of the tooth (smile design), which helps the technician to fulfill patient expectations. Also, patients can see before treatment is started. The patient can share doubts & tell their requirements so that they can get their perfect smile.

This tool is very easy and has many features to reach a conclusion. The treatment sequence is organized in a slide show (in the form of images or videos), any time these records can be referred. It also helps in providing information that treatment is done correctly or not.


Your picture is uploaded in the software. Then various form shapes of teeth will be scanned & placed over your teeth’s picture. Further with this information technician will create a realistic 3D model.

Then it is presented to the patient asked if he/she is satisfied with designs or not, also patient can look for mock up images so that they can know what will be the result of the treatment.

Also patient can try the model so that they get the clear idea of how you will look. Once the design is approved, treatment will start. Each individual teeth will be restored
finally with a polishing your teeth treatment will be completed.

When to undergo this treatment?

When you don’t like the shape, arrangements the colour of your teeth while you smile speak you many get the perfect smile with this treatment. Also, this treatment is suggested to the person who has lost or damaged the upper or lower teeth. It is the best technique as it shows you results before treatment starts.


How long does this procedure take?

The process of all digital scans takes approx 30 to40 minutes. Once the procedure is done details are forwarded to the technician to prepare the model.

What did this procedure cost?

The average cost of the complete procedure is INR 40,000/- to INR 60,000/- depending upon patients’ requirements.

Is this process painful?

no, the digital smile design is not painful. It involves digital photography, X rays, images, videos & intraoral digital scanning. It is a comfortable process for a patient.

Your new smile will look natural?

Yes! the purpose of the tool treatment is to provide patient perfect smile and so it gives a natural look which makes patient satisfied.