Laser Surgeries

Laser in dentistry is the use of laser for treatments. It can make treatment more effective comfortable. Treatment is done by hitting laser light on tissues.

What Dental Laser can treat?

Teeth (Hard tissue) & Gums (Soft tissue) can be treated with dental laser.
  • For High sensitivity (Cold or Hot)
  • Treating tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Whitening teeth
  • Treating root canals infection
  • Exposing wisdom teeth.

Hard Tissue Laser Treatment


Used for teeth treatment. Laser Used: this laser has a wavelength which can be absorbed by calcium phosphate salt (found in teeth  bone) water. 
Tooth Sensitivity: Teeth with high sensitivity can be treated by a dental laser that cures the tooth roots.
Detect Cavity: Laser can detect cavity very easily & effectively. Also, laser kills the bacterial cavity makes the tooth healthy. It can also be used to prepare teeth for dental filling.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment


Used to Gums treatment.
  • Laser used: Light wavelength that can be absorbed by hemoglobin & water.
  • Gums Treatment: It helps to treat gums length is the covers much of the teeth. In this process, the laser is used to reshape the gum tissues.
  • Crown Lengthening: Laser treatment helps to reshape gum tissue & bone in order to get healthier tooth.
  • Tongue Treatment: It is used for frenulum treatment ( small fold which attaches the lower side of the tongue to the floor of the mouth).It helps to treat thick or tight frenulum.
  • Soft Tissue folds: It can sure soft tissue fold caused by denture fitting.
Other Laser Treatments:
  • Doctor can easily safely see inside a tooth or gums.
  • Tumor removal: It can be used to remove a benign tumor from gums, Side lips cheeks.
  • Teeth whitening can easily be done by lasers as it speed ups the bleaching process.
  • Cold sores: or mouth ulcers pain & healing time can be reduced by a low-intensity laser.
  • Sleep Apnea: In cases, if sleep apnea is caused due to increased tissue of the throat, laser treatment can be used. In the procedure, reshaping of the throat is performed to get relief from breathing problem arises due to sleep apnea.
Why choose Dental laser treatments:
  • Chance of Bacterial Infection is low.
  • Healing time is faster with laser treatments.
  • Fewer Sutures (stitches) in treatment.
  • Some procedure does not require anesthesia.
  • Blood loss is less compared to other treatments.
  • Damage of surrounding tissue is minimized.
  • Visit clinic, anesthesia will be provided if required.
  • Treatment will get started (according to patient’s problem), you won't feel any type of discomfort as you feel in other dentistry treatments.
  • Just need to keep your mouth wide open and the doctor will treat your tissues.
  • Minor bleeding can occur which will be wiped out.
Post Surgery Care Instructions:
  • Follow proper medication as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Eat food carefully.
  • Brush teeth carefully with a soft hand. Avoid surgical area for at least a day.
  • Eat soft food for at least a week.
  • Do not eat spicy or extremely hot food.
  • Initially, swelling may occur to reduce its use of ice pack from outside of the face.
  • Do not touch surgical are with tongue.

Frequently asked questions

It is virtually pain-free.

usually, 1 to 2 hours session is enough, but it can take more time or session depending upon the

It depends upon the patient disease but usually 2-3 weeks.